Cannabis Concentrates: An Introduction

The world of cannabis concentrates is a vast realm to navigate, so we are bringing you a quick and easy overview of some of the products we carry in stores at Ascend Cannabis Co. The majority of our concentrate selection is from Infinite Infusions. They use Ascend Cannabis Co.’s cannabis which is grown in probiotic, […]

Is Your Cannabis Sustainable?

There are many factors you should consider before making cannabis purchases from a dispensary. There is always a balance of price, product quality and customer service. But have you ever stopped to consider what goes into creating the cannabis products on the shelf? At Ascend Cannabis Co., what matters to us is not only your […]

Living Soil

Did you know, the way your plants are grown has a direct effect on the experience you end up having with those plants? Whether it’s the vegetables you eat or the cannabis you smoke, where those plants came from matters. At Ascend Cannabis Co., we’re committed to making sure we give our plants the best […]

Why Indica and Sativa Don’t Matter: A Testament to Terpenes

It’s the age-old question: are you looking for Indica or sativa? Meaning: Sleepy or Energetic? Couch Lock or Euphoria? While many of us canna-consumers have been trained this is the way you shop for cannabis, we hate to break it to you, but we’ve all been duped. Indica and Sativa are scientific nomenclature terms that […]