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Cannabis Concentrates: An Introduction

The world of cannabis concentrates is a vast realm to navigate, so we are bringing you a quick and easy overview of some of the products we carry in stores at Ascend Cannabis Co.

The majority of our concentrate selection is from Infinite Infusions. They use Ascend Cannabis Co.’s cannabis which is grown in probiotic, living soil under the Colorado sun. They are a well-trusted brand, extracting cannabis with ethics and offering a wide range of affordable, high-quality concentrates.

The overarching term “concentrates” refers to various forms and combinations of plant oils, terpenes, fats, cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) and more beneficial compounds that are stripped out of the green plant material. There are many names for concentrates & extracts, states of matter, potencies, and methods for extraction.

Here we’ll simply cover our most asked-for concentrates at Ascend Cannabis Co.

Sugar Wax

Sugar Wax is a signature concentrate that is greasy and high in terpenes for a full flavor. It is extracted from cured (dry) trim using a hydrocarbon method. The structure of fats, resins, terpenes, and other plant compounds from this extraction make this concentrate flavorful, potent and easy to work with.

Live Resin

Live Resin is a whole-plant extract produced from fresh frozen plant material. As the plant is harvested, the flowers are immediately frozen to ensure a rich, full-profile concentrate can be extracted. This process preserves the terpenes and certain cannabinoids normally lost in the drying process, creating a flavorful, full-plant concentrate.

High Cannabinoid (HC) Live Resin

High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract or HC for short is extracted from fresh-frozen plant material, just like Live Resin. From the Live Resin, full-plant extract, the THCa is separated off and as a result, a high-cannabinoid, terpene-rich extract is created. This concentrate is similar in potency to standard Live Resin, with dramatically increased terpene content.

THCA Crystalline (Diamonds & Dust)

THCa, often referred to as diamonds, is a byproduct of HCFSE. This extract is a high-potency, low-terpene concentrate usually testing around 90% THCa. Although some styles of this concentrate have little to no taste or smell, Infinite Infusions THCa retains some mild smell and golden hue because only natural processes are used to separate the crystals, never involving a secondary solvent “wash.”

TNT – Terpenes & THC

The highest terpene concentrate produced by Infinite Infusions. This concentrate is generally lower in THC than other concentrates, but with the highest percentages of terpenes. This makes the flavor extremely intense and the desired effect can be more focused around specific terpene profiles.


A combination of TNT and THCa, provides a high potency high terpene concentrate. Having the ability to mix and match strains from TNT and THCa gives the consumer the luxury of getting a high potency high with the pinpoint desired effect through the terpenes of the TNT.

Live Resin Cartridges

Infinite Infusions Live Resin concentrate, delivered in a CCell cartridge. A strain-specific ceramic, wickless cartridge provides an easy-to-use Live Resin product that is flavorful, reliable and convenient. These CCell cartridges are formulated only with sustainably grown, fresh-frozen cannabis, (and without any cutting agents) creating the most user-friendly way of consuming terpene-rich Live Resin.


Rosin is a solventless form of extraction, meaning only water is used to create this concentrate. The buds, either dried (Cured Rosin) or fresh-frozen (Live Rosin), are washed in an ice-water bath with gentle agitation making the heads of the trichomes fall away from the plant matter. The heads are then washed through various sizes of screens creating a very light golden to cream-colored, “fragile” concentrate. It should always be refrigerated and handled with care as the terpenes captured in this concentrate are volatile and will change with temperature change. This is one of the most simple and clean concentrates and provides a very enjoyable, clear consumption experience.

If you have any questions in regards to the consumption of these products, please ask your budtender the next time you visit the dispensary.

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