Cherry Crush

Cherry Crush

A favorite strain of ours, developed in house and grown in living soil. Cherry Crush is fruity, creative and great for outdoor adventures. 

From one of our favorite Bud Tenders
Brooke Stoyer

I love this strain!

I had no expectations and it really impressed me. Don’t let the low THC percentage scare you off. Cherry Crush has a cheesy aroma followed by earthy, musky and herbaceous scents and a faint hint of citrus. The taste is very similar to the aroma and delivers a palette of different flavors when I smoke it.

After smoking Cherry Crush, I felt relaxed, peaceful, happy, and could feel its effects from my eyeballs to my feet. I also did not experience the munchies like other strains, due to the terpene Humulene. I also felt very high even though I only smoked a small amount. I would use this strain anytime, especially in the evening or for relaxing days at home.

Cherry Crush for you?

$99 ounces while supplies last! Starting Oct 19th!

Purchase the Strain of the Month and receive a limited edition print for your home! Available at all 4 locations starting Saturday the 19th! Limited to the first 200 customers.

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