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Is Your Cannabis Sustainable?

There are many factors you should consider before making cannabis purchases from a dispensary. There is always a balance of price, product quality and customer service. But have you ever stopped to consider what goes into creating the cannabis products on the shelf?

At Ascend Cannabis Co., what matters to us is not only your experience in store or at home consuming the product, but also the environmental and health impact that our growing practices have on the earth and for you, the cannabis consumer.

As part of our values statements, we have a commitment to clean (chemical-free), sustainable and affordable cannabis. We believe these commitments also contribute to creating the highest quality product we know how to grow, resulting in the best experience for everyone.

The factors that make our cannabis sustainable are:

  • Grown in a greenhouse under the Colorado sun, rather than relying heavily on coal-energy sources like indoor grows need – to power lights, cooling, etc.
  • Grown in LIVING SOIL, using a no-till system of gardening. We grow all of our cannabis in raised garden beds of nutrient dense soil that continually gets reused every cycle. The healthy microbiome is allowed to flourish undisturbed, while adding organic plant matter every cycle feeds the worms and makes the plants happy to have rich, aerated soil.
  • Grown with minimal inputs, and we mainly restrict our inputs to mineral or plant-based products. This reduces plastic waste that would come along with bottled nutrients and grows very clean cannabis high in terpenes.
  • Grown WITHOUT the use of any nasty chemicals used in conventional farming. Plants don’t need chemicals to thrive, and both human health and the environment can experience adverse effects from them, so we don’t use them. Period.

The benefits for you are better tasting cannabis with clearer effects and less chance of adverse reactions. It creates smoother flavors, and a better overall experience to enjoy cannabis without chemicals. Plus, you know that your purchase is a conscious decision to make sure we are taking care of the earth and your health.

Cannabis access is important – but access to CLEAN cannabis is imperative. Let’s make the world better and choose sustainable cannabis practices!

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