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Spec Ops is my personal favorite strain. It’s my “go to” strain to get things done whether it’s chores around the house or for inspiration while working on creative projects.

Anything citrus usually boosts my mood so it makes senses that limonene terpene is found in Specs. It gives me such great focus and is the first one I recommend for the highly functional stoner. Also, I would like to mention one of the parent strains to Spec Ops that is close to my heart, Alien Rock Candy.

A few years ago, my husband was unable to move around on his own. He needed help to alleviate nerve pain that was running down his back and through his legs. Long story short, this journey directed us to chiropractic and cannabis research. After several recommendations and bowls of research later, we crossed paths with a budtender that recommended a strain that helps with inflammation and nerve pain. Their suggestion was based on the terpene profile in ARC, and personal experience. Looking back we realized this moment was a huge step to his incredible comeback. The relief we found, not only from smoking but also in the compassionate community surrounding us, is the entire reason we are both happily working in the industry today.

You will find me picking up my favorite strain Spec Ops every time it’s in stock. I like to have it in my rotation of flower to keep me uplifted and productive. It’s one of those strains that comes in handy when I have family or friends coming into town. First to run all those errands I save for last minute, and later to smoke to share an adventure with the people I love the most.

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