Good for the Earth. Good for the People.

We started Ascend Cannabis Co. because we wanted to prove to the industry that we could sustainably grow the BEST Cannabis at an affordable price.

99% Vegan
Earth Friendly
99% Vegan

In many cases, especially in organic gardening, it is typical to use animal products to feed plants and condition soil. At ascend, 99% of our nutrients are plant or mineral based and completely free of animal products.


A-Grade gardening is done in a greenhouse where we use the Colorado sun to power most of what we do. That means 35% less coal power than an indoor grow.

Earth Friendly

We use a special no-till soil system that uses no bottled nutrients, and constantly reuses and recycles soil and even creates its own worm castings.


It’s 100% free of all synthetic products. The only things that ever touch our plants are Mother Nature derived.

Stewards of Craft

We believe growing and selling cannabis is an art and a craft. We want to be worthy stewards of this craft. We cultivate the cannabis our clients deserve with passion, love and Colorado sun.

Chemical Free

It’s 100% free of all synthetic products. It’s 100% free of chemicals. The only things that ever touch our plants are Mother Nature derived.

The way nature intended

We facilitate growth how Mother Nature intended. Naturally. We don’t force anything. By using no till methods, we grow strong beautiful plants in natural soil and Colorado sun. We’re proud of our natural methods and they show in the quality of product we sell.

Our Growing Process Yields

Nutrient and Terpene rich cannabis

Higher potency and THC levels

No Harmful chemicals and pesticides

Grown in the Colorado Sun

Better taste and smoke

Side effects of conventional marijuana