Medical Member Benefits

Sign-up bonus!

Get 1 gram if Infinite Infusions Wax or 1/8th of flower for a penny.

Member Benefits

20% OFF

flower and infinite infusions concentrates

10% OFF

topicals, edibles, rigs, etc.

Membership includes all three locations.

Why Medical?

Medical Marijuana is still a very important part of the cannabis industry. Medical uses for cannabis were the first reasons the people of Colorado were legally able to possess and use cannabis. Unfortunately, due to increased recreational demand, many medical dispensaries are shifting their focus.

At Ascend Cannabis Co., we have a continued commitment to the community of people who need cannabis for medical reasons. Our chemical-free methods of growing, in combination with our emphasis on living soil and plant health, provide the cleanest, highest-quality medicinal cannabis for those who truly need it. Our commitment to researching and preserving terpenes in all of our products will only
enhance the medical benefits of your cannabis, plus help you keep track of what strains or type of medicating work best for you. We believe your medicine should be produced with ethics and integrity to preserve the one of the natural intentions for this plant.

As a Colorado State Medical Card holder, you get to decide if you would like to grow your own plants or assign a caregiver or center (licensed dispensary) to provide you with medicine. If you grow your own plants, you are still allowed to purchase products from dispensaries. If you choose to assign all of your plants to a dispensary, that’s usually called becoming a “member.”

When you become a member, dispensaries may give you benefits for allowing them to grow your plants. At Ascend, there are ongoing benefits – like 20% off all non-member pricing for flower and concentrates, and 10% off of all other items sold in store. Plus, there’s a sign-up bonus when you first become a member of your choice: an 1/8 th of flower for one penny or 1 gram of Infinite wax for one penny, or a total of $20 off your ticket of $20.01 or higher. We often run member specials on large purchases as well. Stop in to get a full run down of how being a member with Ascend benefits the living soil cannabis movement AND you!